New AGE Distribution and Services is Divided up into Five (5) Divisions:
* Distribution - Providing quality products in a timely manner.
   Stan V. Parker - Lead Consultant (30 years experience)
* Maintenance - Repair - Operations (MRO) is the "backbone " of our Business.
                               We provide - Preventive,  Predictive,  and Obsolescence analysis
                               maintenance services.
   Russ Noack - Lead Consultant (25 years experience)
* Mechanical Drawing and Design - Drafting design services. 
   Michael A. Murdock - Lead Consultant (30 years experience)
* ProJect Management - Budgeting,  Reporting,  Accountability,  and Analysis services on all
                                          maintenance type projects.
   Cynthia R. Parker - Lead Consultant (32 years experience)
*IT Services -  IT Support, IT Consulting or Managed IT Services.
  We have two Consultants available with 50 years combined experience in IT services.

New Age Distribution and Services currently have a client list that include:
    Jacobs Engineering  
    City of Huntsville
    Reed Contracting
    Wiregrass Construction and many more.

    A wide variety of clients from the State and Federal Highway project, Missile Testing,
    Design and manufacturing by NASA, and United States Army projects are just some of the
    great organizations we have supported.